Café Quetzal is a Guatemalan based Company with more than 87 years´ experience in the coffee industry, dedicated to the production and commercialization of roasted and ground coffee. We have dedicated ourselves to satisfy the taste of the most eccentric coffee drinkers in our market which is a high demand market due to our coffee tradition. Our market stands above 30% in our main category. Café Quetzal has always been, and will always be the best Coffee in the Guatemalan Market.

To Offer Products with a differentiated complementary value in the coffee and food industry; as well as products related to our industrial processing plant, packing and distribution; therefore exceeding our customers and consumers expectations and needs, keeping a fair price and the highest quality available.


To be #1! Choice for Coffee products in the Quetzal Homeland region and transcend beyond our borders; to be recognized for our passion, service, high quality and permanent innovation in the coffee industry.